Success story: Maarch mail and LAD Open source at Berre l’Etang

The city of Berre l’étang is deploying the Open Source Open-Capture LAD module coupled with Maarch Mail to increase its industrialization productivity.

Within the Metropolis of Aix Marseille Provence, the city of Berre l’étang is a dynamic community of 13,000 inhabitants located in the heart of the industrial hub of Berre l’étang.

The Commune receives data by mail and by the website (Email) representing about 12,000 to 20,000 requests per month.

Since 2012, it has been using the Maarch free mail management tool to track and process written requests from the municipality.

The Genesis of the LAD Open-Capture Project

As part of a global project called the “Single Window Project” to optimize the quality of service to its residents and meet its increased need for monitoring and internal traceability, the city of Berre l’étang is beginning a phase of modernization of its tools.
In 2018, it selects Edissyum, the main and only local integrator of this solution, which brings real added value in terms of integration.

The main stages of the Maarch mail project

Phase I (2018): Maarch 17.06 update

  • Data recovery and platform security
  • Important work on segmenting and compliance of the contact base
  • Support and deployment to the entire community
  • The project takes place over 2 calendar months between the framing meeting and commissioning.
  • Chain scanning incoming mail by coupling with 30ppm production scanners.
  • 10 scanning stations for mail departure

Phase II (2019): Open-Capture LaD Open-Source deployment coupled with Maarch Mail

  • Updated Maarch 19.04 version with accompaniment
  • Open-Capture for Maarch deployment: automatic metadata capture and recognition.

Open-Capture: LAD open source for Maarch


After consolidating Maarch mail, the city decided to implement the LAD Open Source: Open-Capture For Maarch. This module allows it to take a step forward in the industrialization and registration of mail. It is the cornerstone of a dematerialized mail management solution. Open-Capture quickly brings a lot of added value. Quality in the recording and processing of mail through intelligent information capture.

“The OpenCapture tool brings real value to Maarch’s operation.
It allows you to recognize key information (sending date, object and sender if it exists in the contact database) from 30 to 40% of printed mail.
For emails, recognition can go up to 80% with the same key information!
It is also scalable and really allows us to adapt to new needs.
This tool saves a significant amount of time after a partial or total recognition of the document’s information. »

According to Mr Florent Pianetti, project manager at the CIO.