Multi-channel platform for document transformation : invoices, delivery notes, contracts etc.

Open-Capture for Invoices

Open-Capture for invoices

Open source solutions of Automatic Processing, Accounting Integration, Validation Circuit and “Good to Pay”

  • Automatic invoice recognition, accounting information extraction (OCR, LAD/RAD)
  • Automatic reconciliation with purchase orders and delivery vouchers for total chain industrialization
  • Dynamic filing and indexing of parts in the supplier’s electronic file
  • Invoice validation circuit: circulation of documents and electronic validation with business branches
  • Generating an electronic voucher
  • Automatic integration of accounting elements into financial software with market-compatible connectors
  • Archive, multimodal search and invoice consultation (by date, number, supplier, etc.)

Generic bill reader:

  • Generic approach to invoice processing.
  • No need to set models for each supplier.
  • Turnkey solution: possible use without adaptation.
  • Self-learning and permanent self-optimization.
  • Multiple business connectors for accounting and ERP solutions
  • Native pairing with GED Workflow’s open source solutions for invoice validation (Maarch, Alfresco etc.)


Functional architecture

LAD - Functionnal architecture Open-Capture
LAD – Functional architecture Open-Capture