Open-Capture Splitter module

Open-Capture splitter

Splitter module : to capture scanned images and prepare bunble of documents

Open-capture Splitter is a module for mass scanning. It allows you to prepare batches of documents for extraction processing optimization.

This module provides a wide range of features designed to capture and deliver information: scan documents and check all scanned images in detail using thumbnails and zoom functionnalities for quick quality control:

  • Capture of batch metadata (file number, type etc.)
  • Delete and create bundle,
  • Delete page
  • Image straightening,
  • Reorganization of documents,
  • Document typing and metadata update,
  • etc ..


Intelligent document classification (Machine Learning)

Using Machine Learning technologies, RAD functions optimize extraction and indexing. Because classification data is also extracted depending on the type of document.

Open-capture automatically identify the document type submitted using Machine Learning technology, which then allow easily sorting and separation of bundles


Automatic document splitting

The Splitter module uses several conditions or visual criterias to achieve exceptional high precision in terms of document separation:

  • Qrcode or 2D barcode reading
  • Rupture Key criteria : for example page number or even a combination of document number + sender number

The Splitter module allows the separation of all types of documents with a function dedicated especially to invoice management.

Open-Capture Splitter module