Open-Capture Technology

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The maturity of OCR Open Source technologies has enabled the birth of Open-Capture to meet the needs of freedom and innovation in the market.

Open-Capture is lad’s one and only 100% Opensource Open Web solution:

  • Algorithms for classification via machine learning
  • Agile solution entirely in light customer – 100% web
  • The only “Open Source” solution for Smart Capture
  • Acquisition flexibility, no user rights
  • Unresolved solution: neither in terms of functionality nor in number of users
  • Works natively on Linux
  • Open technology

Open-capture is written in Python (Flask framework) language and integrates the best open-source image processing technologies

TESSERACT OCR    OPENCV Library   Python   FLASK FrameworkTensorFlow

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Open-Capture global platform

Open-Capture Platform