OpenCapture For Maarch

Open-Capture for Maarch

Its “Open-Capture for Maarch” connector allows the automatic extraction of mail management metadata and presents it to the operator in charge of the qualification. Thanks to OCR image processing, Open-Capture locates through optical reading the type, value and position of key information for recording incoming or outgoing mail without any prior knowledge of their structure or composition. Because mail is by nature an unstructured document, Open-Capture saves valuable time to enter and makes data more reliable.

The main features of the OC connector for Maarch are:

  • Process a PDF file or input image
  • Process files by batch (in a given folder) or single
  • Searchable PDF output, one or more pages
  • Split a PDF using QRCode and rename a split PDF file using QRCode content
  • OCR and text recognition:
    • Extracting the date of the mail
    • Searching and extracting an email address or URL to reconcile with an existing contact in Maarch (reconciliation reliability)
    • Extracting an object or reference
  • Insert documents into Maarch with pre-qualified metadata:
    • Destination with QRCode
    • Date, contact, object with text recognition
  • PDF output or PDF / A file
  • Works with local fr_FR and en_EN environments
  • Checking the integrity of a file to avoid processing incomplete files
  • Recognition QR code to reconcile mail with original document