Open-Capture improves with version 2.7

A new release of Open-Capture is now available

Because it is necessary to continue to improve software, we regularly update our solutions to make corrections and add functionality.

A new version of Open-Capture is now available, you can consult all versions of Open-Capture here.

Open-Capture is free software that is offered by Edissyum

New Features/ Improvements


  • GENERAL – Update to Angular 15
  • Update packages
  • Improve settings sidenav
  • Improve tooltip font size
  • Various UI/UX improvements
  • Fix if no login methods enabled


  • Improve FindFooter process


  • Add unittest
  • Improve viewer
  • Add OCR to splitter input
  • Add lock feature in batches
  • Link batch to user customer
  • Fix export zip space removing
  • Improve the form change dropdown
  • Add original file download on view
  • Fix batch id replacing in file names
  • Add reload referencial confirm dialog


You can download the new version of Open-Capture on the download page.

Click on the following link to try the Open-Capture demo: Demo – Open-Capture