Document capture gets better with Open-Capture 2.5.

Version 2.5 Open-Capture

Open-Capture V2.5 available

The new version 2.5 Open-Capture is now available for free download. Our research and development team has been working on this update, in order to facilitate document capture by integrating new features.

Test new release en prime :

New Features / Improvements

General :

  • Add task watcher
  • Improve history display
  • Add script to reset database
  • Improve change language process in frontend
  • Improve installation process to add python virtual environment

Module Splitter :

  • Improve worker
  • Keep filtres on batch view
  • Add doctypes clone from form
  • Improve Splitter doctype error handling
  • Improve batches list display in side viewer

Module Verifier :

  • Add pdf export
  • Improve verifier viewer list
  • Improve date handling in ocr_on_fly
  • Add possibility to create line in form
  • Add interface to set up MailCollect processes
  • Improve Maarch Export to use document due_date


You can download all the different versions of Open-Capture on the download page.