Open-Capture 2.3.1 is released

Open-Capture release

Open-Capture V2.3.1 available

Download Open-Capture 2.3.1 on Free download.

Test new release en prime :

summary :


  • Improved learning processes
  • Improved automatic validation process
  • New: LDAP connector (Microsoft AD, Open LDAP)
  • Responsive design and animation
  • Angular v14 compatibility

Module Splitter

  • Improved display lists
  • Fix: MEM connector / Maarch courrier connector
  • APIs: configurable XML schema/mask
  • Connector option : zip compression available

Module Verifier

  • Improved Viewer and Lists
  • Fix and improvement of Maarch connector / MEM export settings
  • Detection of suppliers by e-mail
  • Adding custom fields to output connectors
  • Search customers in lists
  • Changing the status of a document


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