Open-capture 2.1 is released


Open-Capture v2.1 is now available for free download.

This release is focused on functionnalities to powered the intelligent open-source LAD engine

Click on the following link for premimum testing :

In short :

  • GENERAL – Addition of configuration in the BDD
  • GENERAL – Addition of searches for users, roles, configuration…
  • GENERAL – Improved custom fields management
  • GENERAL – Improved handling of incoming strings

SPITTER module

  • SPLITTER – Added an option to manage blank pages
  • SPLITTER – Added a compression option during PDF export
  • SPLITTER – Ability to merge multiple batches
  • SPLITTER – Standardization of PDF display (removal of the use of pdfjdist)
  • SPLITTER – Addition of custom fields linked to documents.
  • SPLITTER – Ability to save all changes made to a batch.
  • SPLITTER – Ability to associate a custom field with a value in a QR code.
  • SPLITTER – Added separation by document type.
  • SPLITTER – Added Splitter Generation with GUI.
  • SPLITTER – Ability to select the splitter method from the incoming channel configuration.
  • SPLITTER – Added document type management with GUI.
  • SPLITTER – Improved CMIS connector.
  • SPLITTER – Improved batch validation process.

Verifier Module :

  • VERIFY – Ability to choose the customer account attached to a user as soon as the user is created
  • VERIFY – Choice of separation by QR Code from the interface
  • SPLITTER & VERIFIER – Added a bubble showing the number of documents in batches



Download all Open-Capture releases on the download page