Open-capture 2.0 is released

Click on the following link for premimum testing :

Several days of R&D required. Open-Capture v2.0 is now available for free download.

This release, focused on improving the user experience, makes the most of the intelligent open-source LAD engine

In short :
Redesign of UIs:

Angular redesign, improved configuration:

  • Adding roles
  • Privilege management by role
  • Management of custom fields for the Verifier and Splitter modules

Verifier module

Redesign of the “on the fly” capture function:

  • Color to differentiate each field
  • On-the-fly data logging

Form creation:

  • Choice of field placement in the form*
  • Color setting of each control (display of OCR on Fly on the document)
  • Choice of data format for each field (text, int, float etc …)
  • Choice of the type of display of the control (single or multiple)
  • Mandatory field or not
  • Run-time, Machine Learning and Third Party Management v2

Creation of incoming channels from the interface (input file, associated form and associated document type)

Creation of outgoing channels from the interface (XML export and Maarch, Alfresco, GECOM, SAGE etc.)

Ability to change form on the fly, without data loss

Company card management V2:

  • Customer / supplier account management
  • Display of documents by third party in the display of batches page
  • Assignment of a default form to each third party
  • Inhibition of company consistency checks
  • Third party typing

Machine Learning / ML: re-initialization of the knowledge base by third parties

  • Distinction between learned zones and extracted zones



Download all Open-Capture releases on the download page