Discover the 3.0 version of Open-Capture

Open-Capture 3.0, the 100% open-source intelligent content capture solution

The major new release of Open-Capture now incorporates a new Workflow engine to automate document processing: classification, extraction, validation, and export.

This new version of the open-source Document Capture and Management System (LAD) also provides developers and administrators with the ability to write scripts directly from the configuration screens. With this feature, the possibilities for scenarios in document workflow processing are limitless, allowing for optimal adaptability to organizational needs.

Open-Capture is open-source software offered to you by Edissyum.


The innovations in Open-Capture version 3.0, enhancing intelligent content capture:


General :

– Improve installer

– Update packages

– Update to Angular 16

– Improve file optimization

– Improve files JPG conversion

– Various UI/UX improvements

– Improve file upload handling

– Add CI/CD (thx to @SYSAVANE73)

– Add SMTP settings in the interface

– Start adding validators in web services

– Add default module Splitter or Verifier

– Add users import / export from CSV file

– Improve configurations settings using TinyMCE

– Add option to generate authentication token

– Add automatic directory creation in output creation


Verifier :

– Fix MEM web service

– Various improvements in processes

– Remove inputs and replace it with workflow

– Add process to find firstname and lastname

– Add an option to access verifier viewer using a unique URL


Splitter :

– Improve bundle view

– Improve AI training

– Support auto validation

– Improve & refactor outputs

– Support AI to get doctypes

– Improve files upload process

– Improve doctypes tree display

– Move metadata methods to custom

– Fix separators generation latency

– Add doctypes import / export from CSV file

– Remove inputs and replace it with workflow

– Add option to delete resource files after validation”



You can download all the different versions of Open-Capture on the download page.

Click on the following link to try the Open-Capture demo: